Dear First-year Students:

First, I would like to represent the Department of Advertising and Strategic Marketing to welcome each of you to join us. Department of Advertising and Strategic Marketing traces its history back to 1999 under another name, and then, as now, we emphasize theory is as important as practice. We aim to fulfill the concept of learning while doing. With the efforts of all teachers and students for nearly two decades, we not only have a place in the advertising fields but also have become well known on both sides of the strait and around Southeast Asia.

Department of Advertising and Strategic Marketing cultivates talents for advertising and marketing. In our curriculum, advertising is the core, supplemented by five extended fields which are marketing, PR, media, creativity and consumer insight. Besides theoretical courses, we also arrange professional lectures, dual lecturers, internships and graduation projects. It is our aim that students become more practical and well qualified for business roles. We also encourage students to participate in competitions, for example, Times Young Creative Awards, Ad Taiwan, TAA Campus Creative Strategy Proposal Competition…etc., and students have achieved many excellent performances.

Students from the Department of Advertising and Strategic Marketing may join Integrated Marketing Communication Center (IMCC) or Brand Lab (BL) to train their ability of planning and running activities. Through this, we cultivate their thinking and boost their experiences. Thus, students have many job opportunities in advertising, marketing, PR, media, market research…etc. fields.

Department of Advertising and Strategic Marketing has comprehensive course design, excellent teachers and wonderful equipment and resources. We believe students will be fully trained after four years. They will not only develop multiple talents, creativity and individual thinking, but also have the ability of high resistance to stress. Bless all of you have a wonderful time in Department of Advertising and Strategic Marketing!