Advertising and Strategic Marketing Department, formerly Advertising Department, was established in 1999. Our aim is to cultivate talents for cross-border tactical thinking ability in advertising and strategic marketing. Our goals are attaining outstanding education, training professional talents for advertising and strategic marketing and elevating students’ international horizons.

To cultivate superior talents for advertising and strategic marketing, the core of our curriculum is advertising, with five extensions is the fields of marketing, public relations, media, creativity and consumer insight. We emphasize both theoretical and practical education and apply the concept of learning while doing so that theory can be used in practice. Moreover, the department holds lectures on special topics, features dual teacher courses, hosts seminars and guides students to participate in different kinds of competitions. We offer students diverse study opportunities and learning environments.

Cultivating talents for cross-border tactical thinking with abilities in advertising and strategic marketing is our direction of development. We want to elevate students’ to superiority in career competition through new trend advertising courses. Students may cooperate with well-known advertising, public relations and marketing companies in Taiwan for internships or collaborative projects. Through these opportunities, students may round out their theoretical learning and strengthen their professional skills. Our graduates have many opportunities and choices, from developing careers in advertising, marketing, public relations, market research, and digital media…etc. The department features comprehensive course design, fine teachers and abundant resources and equipment. We believe our students benefit from the well-rounded training they receive over the four years.

In order to implement the practical educational philosophy of “learning for application” and “learning by doing”, the students in 3rd year of the Department must complete “Communication Practices” for one academic year, wherein they are distributed to media centers based on their interest and specialties. The Integrated Marketing Communications Center (IMCC) and Brand Lab (BL) are established under the Internship Media Center of Department of Advertising and Strategic Marketing, and are managed and operated by the Department of Advertising and Strategic Marketing. The Integrated Marketing Communications Center is operated based on a corporate governance model through taking piecework and teaching by industry practitioners. Brand Lab cultivates talents in brand design and marketing planning by teaching students to create market value via creativity and marketing. It is expected that students therein develop capabilities that meet the needs of the job market and increase their competitiveness through discussions on the Economy of Aesthetics, the combination of humanities and cultural creativity. Furthermore, students in their 1st semester of the 4th year may take a 288-hour internship in an advertising marketing company to improve their implementation abilities. Our graduates are equipped with diverse job-search competencies to develop in various fields, such as advertising, marketing, public relations, media agencies, market research, creative design, culture innovation industry, consumer analysis and digital media.

Advertising Department was renamed to Advertising and Strategic Marketing Department in 2015 to match world trends, build the department’s brand awareness and create superior competitiveness.