To fulfill “Combine learning and practice” and “Learn from practice” teaching concepts, Department of Advertising and Strategic Marketing (ADSM) established two internship media centers. Junior students need to intern for one year of media practice courses, so they will be distributed to different centers based on their interest and talent. The centers are Integrated Marketing Communications Center (IMCC) and Brand Lab (BL). The two centers are managed, planned and run by ADSM.

These media centers execute activities under corporate governance. There are four sections in the structure. The four sections are: Planning Section, Activity Section, Public Relation Section and Creative Design Section.


IMCC was established in 2000, the first internship media center at Ming Chuan. Our goal is to assist School of Communication in cultivating talents of PR activity and management. Through interaction with industrial circles, governmental circles and academic circles and the process of planning different projects, students can further their ability of solving PR crises and problems.


To meet the needs of the era of digital technology and enhance the development of ADSM, we established our second internship media center in 2015—Brand Lab (BL).

Our goal is to cultivate talents in brand designing and marketing. We teach students create market output values through creativity and marketing; moreover, we discuss humanistic quality and cultural creativity of the aesthetic economy through design. We hope students can enter the employment market with competitive advantages.